Ladies of Ely, I have a proven formula, that guarantees in just 12 weeks you’re going to shed 1-2st of body fat. Apply for a FREE transformation session

Apply for a free transformation session

If 2018 is going to be your year to improve your health and fitness then apply for a free Body Transformation session with myself where I’ll work out your challenges, offer solutions and formulate a plan to get you great results.

Scroll down to watch video reviews and before and after pictures of our latest 12 week transformation graduates

Hurley Fitness 12 Week Transformation Programme a proven formula designed for the people of Ely that revolutionises your physique and mindset, your attitude to exercise and nutrition, super-charging your confidence and creating the best version of you.

We guarantee that within 12 weeks:

  • You will have dropped between 1-2st in weight
  • More defined and toned legs, arms and backside
  • Your stomach will be leaner, flatter and stronger
  • Posture improved through greater core strength
  • Sleep better and have far more energy
  • Clothes looser around your thighs, waist and hip areas
  • Your nutrition will have improved ten-fold
  • A new wardrobe of clothes will be required

See what our recent graduates are saying about the Hurley Fitness 12 Week Transformation Programme

“I would 100% recommend Hurley Fitness to anyone”

“My energy level is like...boom!”

“It’s a game changer”

“It’s a transformation”

If you want a head-turning physique, a body you are proud to show off, if you want to ooze confidence and want a mindset that steamrolls life's challenges, this program is a must.