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December 5, 2016
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December 9, 2016
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Fitness Wrong For Too Long – Let’s Make It Easy!


Fitness is EASIEST when you are STRONG.


THINK ABOUT THIS …. Makes BIG sense right?

 So they way I see it, everyone’s banging on about how they want to get great fitness, lose weight, burn fat, drop dress sizes/inches.
Personal trainers are ALL screaming how they’re amazing at helping people get the body of their dreams.
Wanna know how I feel? …… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
It’s a bit SAMEY eh? Gets a bit annoying, seeing that, hearing that, day after day after day.
((And it just REINFORCES the MYTH …. yes MYTH!!! … you need to be a certain size to be happy))
Not healthy right?.
So I took a stand. Said Enough!!! Decided I wasn’t gonna do it anymore.
And here’s why >>>>>>
I worked out what it was that controlled EVERY single fibre in our bodies, cell, emotion and thought in our body.
It wasn’t muscles, it wasn’t nerves, it wasn’t bones.
‘Twas the BRAIN. (or the mind if you prefer).
With this realisation, I thought: “Why are we not focusing more on the most important thing that exists?”
We NEVER train the brain (just banging on about fitness, dress sizes, toning up etc).
Too busy worrying about food and which exercises to do and what diet etc. Stressing, wasting energy on the wrong thing!!
It was so CLEAR. Our focus has been totally wrong.
<<The evidence is there …… We’re getting fatter, more unhealthy, yet continuing to DO THE SAME THINGS TO FIX IT!!!???>>
So I did the work on myself first and foremost to test my theory.
I asked myself the question:
I concluded it was when I felt physically STRONG and when I was CONSISTENT with my exercise.
When I was STRONG, I was confident, happy, optimistic, the world seemed less negative, people couldn’t drag me down.
And there you have it. THE ANSWER!!!
Since that light bulb moment, I’ve been religiously working on myself, carrying out what I worked out.
It’s no surprise that today, I’m in the best place that I’ve EVER been in during my whole life.
Is my body perfect? NO
Do I eat like a saint? NO
Do I make mistakes? YES
Does this worry me? NO!!!!
I am happier, more confident, driven, more level headed, less negative, excited, looking forward to the future, not looking back and groaning.
Nearly forgot ….. I’m fitter, leaner, healthier …. WITHOUT this being my main focus.
My fitness of mind and body have gone through the roof!
I suppose the point of this honesty is this:
We’re getting to that stage of the year again where we know we’re gonna eat and drink like fishes, put on half a stone perhaps.
Then we’re gonna hit January 1st and PANIC!!!!
By January 10th we’ll still be thinking: “I must!!”
And then February comes around. Then March. Then the summer………
((The ole cycle)).
It’s a choice to follow the same route again and again.
You’re ready to step up NOW, try a different approach that is PROVEN, and leave the past behind.
I know which one I’d choose 🙂
Hope this inspires you!

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