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December 17, 2016
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December 28, 2016
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Fitness Trainer And His Xmas Gift To You!


Fitness Trainer Offers WISE Words For Xmas …. And Forever!!


Here’s a little tale of HOPE.
Because we can get swamped with the pressures of gifts, food, drink and the rush at this time of year.
Which CAN leave us feeling pretty rotten come January.
But here’s the good news …….
>>>>> You can change anything about your life that you want, anytime you want.
You heard me!
–This isn’t some inspirational fitness trainer guff, it’s true …. I have learned this–
((Doesn’t feel like it’s possible to turn it around sometimes though does it?))
When you’re in a rut and feel like there’s nowhere to go.
OR when you’re trying REALLY hard and getting nowhere!
But ……..
No matter how low you feel, or how out of shape, or how guilty, or how frustrated, or how long it’s been going on for ….. you can change it IMMEDIATELY.
Start the ball rolling >>>>>>> to a new you, the REAL you.
You’ll confirm this if you’ve ever been so low that something unknown and internal drags you by the scruff and says: “Get up and change it!”
But before that point, I know it seems hopeless and hard.
It’s what I’ve learned and what we pass onto people from Hurley Fitness >>>>>>
–You have complete control over every single aspect of your life–
That’s a hard one to accept I know – but it’s true!!
I just wish people to keep that in mind over these coming days ….. and beyond.
Hope this adds value 🙂

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