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January 6, 2016
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Hairy Chest And Leather Trousers……….. (Yummy)

Was tucking into a big bowl o’goodness this morning before I left for work.
There’s a 50-summit woman on the telly talking about going back out on the dating scene.

She was nervous for obvious reasons.

((Last time she was dating, men wore medallions on hairy chests and leather trousers ……… Some still do in Ely!))

Basically they were trying to give her a few tips, get her confidence back, help her get out there again.

But one bit of advice really stood out for me……..

((Should do for you too))


Our bodies find it really difficult to separate the two.

So when we think we’re felling FEAR sometimes, what we’re feeling is EXCITEMENT.

<<Makes sense I think, opposite emotions are often very similar. They say the same for LOVE/HATE right?>>


If you’re thinking about losing weight, getting healthy, getting a stack of confidence back, slipping into nicer clothes, and the rest…………

Rope wavingJust because you’re sick of being fat, feeling joint pain, feeling uncomfortable in clothes, tired of being unable to control foods, lacking energy, feeling life is slipping you by

You’d probably decide to join a fitness class or sign up with someone who knows what they’re doing.

–Imagine sitting ONE HOUR before you go–

You’d be nervous, apprehensive, feeling a bit sick, wishing you didn’t have to go.

You may even consider pulling out.

But ever thought you may just be EXCITED???????

By the thought your life could possibly change forever?

Your future path altered from what has already happened?

  • Head bursting with confidence
  • New clothes fitting perfectly around a new, sexier body
  • Able to run up flights of stairs with ease
  • Taking comments from everyone about your new, healthier appearance
  • Looking in the mirror and feeling GREAT.

An important lesson right there I think.

You know how I always go on about the mind controlling the body.

Just another little tip that taps into this ethos.

Don’t forget you’re excited.

Not afraid.

TOTALLY ready to change your life.

Speak soon,

Kevin “Medallion Man” Hurley.

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