The Programme

Transformation Programmes.

This is a proven formula to help people shed body fat around problem areas such as thighs, backside, arms and stomach. It is achieved through professional, expert coaching in small groups of 3-4 in a private studio.

Focus is on the most effective resistance and body weight training exercises which are designed to not only torch fat and sky-rocket strength but also to boost fitness levels skyward.

The program clearly proves there is no need to slog for hours on a treadmill or starve yourself to quickly achieve a leaner, stronger, healthier body.

We guarantee that you will:

  • Drop between 1-2 stone in weight.
  • Shed 5-15% body fat.
  • Legs, arms and backside will be more toned, slender and defined.
  • Your stomach will be leaner, flatter and stronger.
  • Posture will have improved through greater core strength
  • You will sleep better, have far more energy than you ever thought possible
  • Garments will feel more comfortable around your waist, arms and thighs.
  • Your nutrition will have improved ten-fold.
  • A new wardrobe of clothes will be required.

Your confidence will be greater than ever before.




You need a simple but effective program that can guarantee results in a relatively short space of time. 

This needs to be inspiring, fun and interesting. It will be designed to challenge you every time to ensure safe, progressive improvement. 

Support will come our coaches and others in the group who have joined for the very same reasons you have – to shed fat, look great in the mirror, have tonnes more energy and feel amazing.

It doesn’t matter what your ability or fitness is. We only need you to have the right attitude – total commitment to making you the very best you can possibly be.

Personal Training 1-2-1

We offer a highly skilled, professional 1-2-1 service that ensures you receive 100% attention from one of our hugely experienced coaches.

This service is expertly tailored to your needs. There is no one-size-fits-all attitude that you may have witnessed in the past.

After an initial consultation, you will have total focus and clarity on your current situation and your future that will inspire you to make great changes to your body and mind.

A plan will then be explained and agreed before we help to accelerate your results. Your role is to provide faith, enthusiasm and dedication. 

We always put YOU at the very core. We help you discover your inner strengths, guide you towards taking full responsibility for every aspect of your life and recognise small, progressive, daily achievements on the journey to your goal.