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October 13, 2015
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Up For Rumpy Pumpy…. With A Tree?

It’s a classic love story.

Woman walks in park.

Woman meets tree.

They fall in love.

She gives birth to little logs.


The last bit was ridiculous (obviously)


The rest is totally true.

Yep, saw it in a magazine t’other day.

Girl in New York is having a relationship with a tree she’s named Tim.

She says it’s the best SEX she’s ever had???????

((I won’t go into too much detail))

But imagine walking for an evening stroll in the park.

You hear a commotion.

And there’s herself, wrapped around a tree, having the time of her life!!!!

Strangest part of this??????????

She doesn’t care who knows.

<<Makes sense if she’s been declaring her love in magazines and on TV right?>>

That’s a woman who is COMFORTABLE with who she really is.

Doesn’t care who sees her life laid bare.

Couldn’t care a jot.

Totally at ease in her own skin.

While we’re laughing ……….. How many of us can say that eh?

Do we REALLY love the person we are?

The body we live in?

((Torture if we don’t. Gotta live there everyday!))

Running past the mirror naked because we don’t want to see what’s there.

Avoiding our reflection in case we see it.

Trying on sexier clothes but they never fit well.

Not able to expose any flesh in the summer because we’re embarrassed.

–Don’t even get me started on food!—


What this means is:

We constantly beat ourselves up, put ourselves down, stuck in an endless cycle, a rut.

Instead of >>>>>>>

Taking ACTION to change it.

Asking help from someone who can make it happen.

Small, positive steps daily.

It’s not hard at all, like climbing a tree.

Or even something else (with a tree)

It’s just making a decision.

Speak soon,

Kevin “Woody” Hurley.

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