Hurley Fitness Training

Covid-19 Plan

At Hurley Fitness, your wellbeing is our priority.

Maintaining a safe, healthy environment

With the seriousness of the Coronavirus situation, we wanted to update you
on our plan and how we’re protecting our members.

Our Action Plan

  1. Every member has a minimum space allocation of 100 sq ft when training.
  2. No more than 8 members at any time within a 1,000sq ft facility.
  3. Our Pod System creates natural training separation within the gym.
  4. All equipment is cleaned with sanitiser after each session.
  5. We limit sessions to 50 minutes to allow for 10 minutes of cleaning.
  6. Members do not enter the space until everyone in the previous session has left.

7. We’ve undergone a thorough deep clean – there isn’t a corner that isn’t sparkling.

8. We’ve installed hand-sanitiser pumps at every Training Pod.

9. We’ve reduced as many points of hand contact as we can in the facility.

10. Every training station is positioned at least 2 metres apart.

11.Every HF team member will be fully briefed on correct practices.