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Everyone needs a coach, from the experienced athlete to the complete novice. Someone holding you accountable, who understands your challenges and guides you through every obstacle you meet. Our team injects fun into every session meaning exercise is never a chore. Seeing results with expert support will spur you on. No more wasted, lonely gym visits or hiding at the back of a class.

Hurley Fitness prides itself on having the best coaching available. If you enjoy being shouted at by a sergeant major, bootcamp PT, we are not for you. We choose PTs with empathy for our members. Our team knows the way to motivate someone is to understand them.

We don’t hire on appearance, muscles or fitness. We hire people who are passionate about seeing people get results. We hire on personality so every session feels like you’re the most important person in the room

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Results are created through relationships. With the training team but more importantly, other members of the team. When you’re demotivated and tired, they pull you together to get there.

Small group also gives you a flexible, less expensive alternative to 1-2-1 training. So you still get expert, personal attention in an intimate group of like-minded people.

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Personal Training


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