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Hurley Fitness 30-Day Trial

Our trial is aimed specifically at people who have had issues with their fitness in the past. We offer this trial as a helping hand to get you back along the right path.

What’s Included?

Personal Training

12 Sessions of small group personal training with other individuals who are at the same level of fitness as you.

(Usually £699)

Nutritional Support

We provide you with guidance on your nutrition and recommend improvements, without putting you on a strict diet.

(Usually £99)

One to One Evaluation

We use the one to one evaluation to help set achievable goals going forward & to evaluate your current level of fitness.

(Usually £79)

We offer all of this for just £99

Contact us on 07912 845602

What Makes Us Different?

We understand that the gym isn’t everyone’s favourite place to go to. It can be an intimating environment, especially for beginners. We work hard to create an enjoyable environment for all.

And with Christmas just a stone’s throw away, it can be easy to overindulge in food & forget about your well being! Joining the gym is often a popular new years resolution but why wait until then?!

Become a better version of you before the new year even begins – and it might make you feel less guilty about the second plate of Christmas lunch!


Interested In A 30-Day Trial?

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Don’t Believe Us?

Here are some of our existing members talking about their experience with Hurley Fitness, and how we have helped them…

To Summarise, Our Trial Is Perfect For You If:



Not seeing results at the gym


Occasionally lack the knowledge to produce the best results on your own


Are stuck in a rut with your fitness


Have previously struggled with your fitnes, weight and motivation.


Sometimes feel intimated at the gym

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Where Are We Based? 

We're based a short distance away from Ely, where most of our members work or live.