A Little About Our Ethos In Ely …..

Posted On May 13, 2022

Forget Looks. Feeling Is Better, Trust Us.

A little bit about our ethos….

We all remember our 20’s, possibly 30’s, when life was easier. Maybe pre-kids? Single? Less responsibility.
Our fitness usually revolved around needing to look good, for the pub at the weekend, trying to pull. Or a holiday on the sun.

It was all about ‘the look’.

But as we aged, our priorities changed somewhat. Kids came, energy levels slowed, job became busier, joints stiffened a little. It became harder to get going.

In our 40’s and 50’s and beyond, quality of life is a big focus. Being our best at that stage of life.

Perhaps a being a role model to our kids, or keeping up with them! Having the strength to lift things in the garden.
Even having the strength and mobility to get up and down from the floor.

We believe it’s quality of life becomes massively important. These small things are HUGE, when they’re not there! (Trust me, we’ve seen this).

Sure, we want to look good. But to be more precise – – we want to FEEL good.

Imagine training in Ely 3 times per week, feeling toned, strong, fit enjoying exercise, with people you like?

We think that’s a proper result!

What’s your main goal from your exercise? Let us know, we love to be inspired.

The HF Coaching Team in Ely.

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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