I Had To Be Brave With NUTRITION!

Posted On March 11, 2021


Something most people don’t realise is that running a business: be prepared for flack. You will take online abuse for the smallest things. People will gossip, criticise, spread rumours, scoff, point, mock. You definitely need a thick skin.

Now, this isn’t a ‘woe-is-me tale’. It’s about creating the type of business the business owner wants — and staying steadfastly true to that vision. Not creating what people think you should create.

As a result, you deflect the people who don’t believe in it (the ones who usually laugh/criticise/scoff/mock) and attract the ones who do connect with it.

Don’t get me wrong it can be hard knowing that half the people out there won’t like your thoughts. In fact, it was scary in the beginning. But I’m used to that now and understand the game.

Here’s the interesting part: Nutrition

Starting out, I detested the idea of people being spoon fed meals plans, slashing calories for intense periods to see rapid weight loss, before and after pics of 50+ people (not the Love Island generation).

No way to live I felt. Surely there’s more to life for these people? Our time on earth is short!

I wanted people to change peoples’ beliefs that had been drummed into them. I wanted to see them worry less about food.

I wanted them to realise a weight/fat problem is often not a food problem, it’s usually an emotional problem. I wanted to show them a new way to be healthy and happy.

But this went against everything out there. And it was scary. Few people it seemed were doing this. BUT >> I stuck to my guns.


As a result, I completely revamped everything to align with my own beliefs.

Regarding nutrition, I wanted people to consider my views. That is, let’s feel better FIRST, be patient with forming new habits, work on ways to improve energy, get moving, feeling more positive.

We usually do this over the course of the first 30 days on a trial. This is the first stage. The focus is on learning our program, meeting people, getting moving, toning up, getting stronger, boosting energy.

Once you’re in this space, THEN focus more on nutrition. Trust me, people make better food choices when they’re feeling better.

You do not get the best start by peeling yourself sluggishly off the sofa and starting  to ‘be good’, following a meal plan, cutting out calories. Broccoli and chicken three times a day? Let’s see how long that lasts.

That’s not to say we simply urge people feel good and their nutrition is always perfect. We do help when required. For example, after Christmas, we’ll set a challenge or run a program of more focused nutrition, just to nudge people back on track with a little support.

We also offer monthly inspirational recipe ideas. Great food of every type. No fad diets, juices or pills.

AND ….. We can be contacted anytime during the year for support, to advise about anything. Help is always at hand.

Experience tells us, thankfully, this is a much better method to helping people. Coaching them how to achieve balance in their lives, helping them realise the year is ‘up-and-down’ (weight wise) depending on the time – and that’s ok.

Helping them have a holistic view to health (strength, fitness, mood, energy, happiness) than simply a meal plan and a scale.

We no longer do before/after pics, weigh people, do meal plans (made that mistake, you learn!). We prefer to show evidence of peoples’ lives being better in every way after adopting our help, our vision and our strategies.

Some people will love this, some won’t. But that is ok with us.


Written by Kevin Hurley

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