Booze Is A Huge Secret To Our Success!

Posted On March 1, 2024

Well, yes and no!

We don’t recommend that people drink too much of the demon drink – that’s bad for your health right, obviously?

But we recognise peoples’ efforts as much as we can – like our Member of the Month Award in Ely which celebrates the achievements of a particular member. That person gets a bottle of fizz.

This is MASSIVELY important would, you believe? ((**But it’s just a bottle of bubbles, I hear you cry**))

However ……

When a person who exercises feels like they’re making progress, enjoying their experience and being recognised by their peers and mentors, they feel happy, motivated, become more consistent and work harder.

So how it works: We finish a session, everyone clears up and the coach will secretly pull out the bottle and announce that the Member of the Month has been decided!

We’ll explain why that member has won, why we love having them as part of our crew etc. Cue applause!  It’s all a bit of fun, yes, but the member feels GREAT!

Compare this to the typical gym experience: a hastily crafted PT “workout” on paper, handed out during your induction, a smile and a wave bye-bye, and you’re on your own to figure things out, to motivate yourself, to navigate a crowded, uninviting room full of gym bunnies and equipment.

Thankfully, at Hurley Fitness, we realise a person’s success and longevity is connected to these small gestures along a person’s journey.

Fitness DOESN’T have to be an intimidating, self-conscious, lonely, frustrating or soulless experience. It can be fun – and important! 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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