Group Training vs Solo Training

Posted On January 20, 2023

The power of group personal training is invaluable.

Working alongside someone you like, with a coach you like and trust, far outweighs training alone.

Have you ever turned up to a class, shuffled to the back and endured a ‘coach’ shouting instructions as everyone jumps around the room?

Maybe you’ve been ‘instructed’ to do something you didn’t understand (but everyone else is doing it) or it hurt your body (because it just didn’t suit your knees/back/shoulder/hips).

Or it’s just been a slog for 40 minutes, a real beating because the ‘coach’ believes that seeing you sweat, in pain, close to being sick — is a great session!

With these experiences, you’re unlikely to continue coming back for very long right? Then you’re back to square one.

Small group PT is an entirely different experience. At our Ely facility, you turn up, you support each other, you work harder, you enjoy the experience more.

Your training is personalised, taking into account your weaknesses, strengths, personality and limitations.

The accountability and fun of training with like minded people cannot be under-estimated!

To start your trial with us, just click this link: 👇


Written by Kevin Hurley

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