Living Pain Free Is Freedom.

Posted On July 7, 2023

You’d be surprised at how many people we meet who are living daily with pain. “Bad” hips, knees, shoulders, backs…….

Often, the GP recommends rest or pills to mask the pain. We know this because we’ve been through it ourselves! Our head coach Kevin:

– Waited 2 years for a consultant check up on a painful knee
– The consultation took 5 mins
– He was told any intervention would be “like cracking a walnut with a sledghammer”
– He’d just have to manage it

Years later (after learning about the body), the issue was easily fixed by identifying a weak muscle, making it stronger and BINGO! Never had an issue again.

So we know people often assume that pain means forever and it’s something they have to live with. BUT – we’ve seen hundreds of cases where simple strength work fixes imbalances, strengthens the body and takes away pain.

For example ……

Annette had been seeing a chiropractor for years to deal with hip and back problems.

Within months of joining our strength program, she’s become stronger, fixed imbalances and became pain free. How much time, money and grief was spent unnecessarily??

Can you imagine how she’s feeling today? Life is good!

Typically, we assume that lifting weights will be bad for our body and make pain worse.

The truth is: weight training doesn’t hurt you. Improper weight training is the issue. Strong means pain free.

Are you suffering from pain? Reply to this email and we’ll give you some advice to begin to fix the issue! 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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