Make Your Health EASY! (Not a chore).

Posted On October 7, 2022

Are You Putting Obstacles In Your Way? OR …. Making It Simple?

People will only do things that are easy for them to do (especially over a long period).

Do you make your fitness regime as easy as possible to execute?

Small things can make your exercise seamless, like:

– Having your training gear prepared the night before.
– Food prepared so you’re well fuelled up.
– Exercise equipment set up and ready to access
– Workout decided in advance
– Decent night sleep
– Session booked in on a booking system (if possible)

The typical process is:

-Scrambling around for workout clothes in the dark, early morning
– Feeling hungry and grabbing sugar on the go.
– Scrolling YouTube for a workout that looks nice
– Social media before bed, meaning a restless night.

Guess which is most successful? 🤔

Take small steps to make the process easy. Become better at fitness!

What do you do to ensure exercise gets done? We’d love to hear your tactics. Drop a comment!

Written by Kevin Hurley

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