When The OLD me and NEW me met …. (use this to REALLY transform!)

Posted On November 22, 2017



What does TRANSFORMING mean?

The majority of people will answer “get thin” “lose weight” “change body shape” right?

I get that of course. When you feel great physically, usually your habits are better, you feel transformed, things are good.

However …….

That’s the external, superficial stuff.

What happens to the mind? Your attitude to life? Your happiness levels? It begs the question >>>>

Have you ever imagined you could get to your dream weight and STILL be unhappy????

Trust me, this can happen.

The old cliche: Be Careful What You Wish For!




The point of this blog is this ……… For a long-term transformation, life-long, lasting results, You MUST learn to control your emotions.

And the cold reality is that life is never going to be completely rosy, so you MUST learn to deal with your emotions when the s*** hits the fan!

Wonder does this resonate with you

<<You focus on food, exercise, your new regime, lose weight BUT don’t deal with internal stuff, your emotions>>

— Something goes wrong in life, someone let’s you down, head drops, emotions all over the place, so you take comfort in chocolate on front of the TV–

**Feels good for a little while – but then you think “well, that’s spoiled everything >>> GIVE UP!**

Back to Square One.?

Why????? Because focus was on the external, the internal stuff was still churning inside, mixed up and was always going to pop eventually!!

RIGHT!! Let’s get to the main point!!!!




You MUST deal with internal stuff. You MUST be happy inside with life. You MUST be grateful for what you have.

And when you occupy this space, you WILL get the transformation you desire …… forever!

Here’s a little ninja tactic I use when I get stressed, feel like nothing is going right, like life is s***!!

I cast my mind back five years and FEEL where I was.

I was living in London working for a high-end health club — overworked, under-paid, eating crap food, drinking too much, paying a fortune to live in a room, dreaming of something better, but now knowing what.

(It was a pretty stressful unhappy time you can imagine!)

And I visualise MY CURRENT SELF walking into the gym to meet MY OLD SELF.

The conversation goes something like this:

(New me): “If I offered you a beautiful wife and 2 gorgeous kids, your own home, good health, a successful business full of great people and a real feeling of happiness and direction in life, would you take it?”

(Old Me): My GOD you’re handsome!! Sorry, hahahaha. (Imagination running wild there!!!)

More like

(Old Me) “Hell YES, I’ll take it!!!!!!!!!!! I’d give my right arm for that!!!!!”.




SO …………

At times of stress, feeling like there’s no point, hopelessness, remember how lucky you are. How blessed we are but don’t often see it – because it’s too easy to focus on the negative.

Negatives are ALWAYS there – deal with them. But so are the positives.

Focusing on positives, means you develop a happy, positive mind, you feel life is exciting and full of wonder, you start to LOVE yourself, love others, love life.

AND ….. you look after yourself more. That means, better exercise, better food, better mood, better sleep, better attitude.

The whole lot!

Now you just have to do it.

Hope this helps,



Written by Kevin Hurley

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