How I Gained CONTROL In My Life ….. And YOU Can Too!

Posted On October 20, 2016



LOTS of people getting in contact over recent weeks.

Only a fool would not see a pattern running through everyone’s story.

Weight loss? Nah, too easy.

The theme has been — CONTROL.

Over all aspects of their lives.

Food, routines, sleep, family life, work/life balance, exercise ….. and the rest:?ALL in disarray.

People not CREATING their own path but being a victim of whatever circumstance arises.


If you AREN’T in control (and something unexpected happens)…….

You throw toys out of the pram, give up, think “always me”, and DESTROY any good work you’ve put in.

A person WITH control will >>>>

Take it on the chin, think “these things happen, now how do I fix it?”, get back on track straight away and march on.

Even LEARN from their experience.

Because things WILL go wrong.

It will never be perfect.

You MUST be able to ride the storm.

OK smart Alec …… How do you gain control then????


MANY ways ……. But my method is helping people in Ely right now.


If your body is STRONG – your MIND will be STRONG.

And this means:
You’ll have greater motivation.
Be more inclined to make good food choices.
Won’t miss exercise sessions
Less listening to BS excuses your internal voice creates
Be more level headed
More confident
Who doesn’t want that? 🙂



Written by Kevin Hurley

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