3 Years – of NO ACTION. (Important lesson here)!

Posted On September 28, 2022

She Watched For THREE YEARS Before Moving.

I chatted yesterday with a new member in Ely who told me how much better she was feeling after joining our 30 day trial. How she felt more toned, stronger, more energetic and more confident with her back after suffering a serious injury in the past.

Then she said: “You know, I watched your stuff for 3 years but never did anything about it. I just wish I had done this sooner.”

And that struck me like a thunderbolt. (I’ve been there myself by the way). Feeling stuck, knowing what needs to be done, watching endless videos, reading emails, collecting information, promising next week will be easier, thumb hovering over the ‘contact’ button — but nothing ever happening!


The only thing that gets you what you want in taking actions which align with what you need.

If your goal is to get fit/get strong/feel less pain/build confidence/feel more toned/be better at your sport/feel better in your skin etc ………. watching and sitting WON’T solve your problem.

What WILL solve your problem is finally taking the brave step to get in touch.

By the way, I know it’s a big step for people to get in touch. It’s daunting to not know what the experience will be like at our Ely facility, what the people will be like, will the coaches understand you, will you be the most unfit, will you injure yourself, a million things running through your head — that STOP you.

But like this lady illustrated: it’s never what you think! Never let FEAR or DOUBT stop you from moving you towards what you need. 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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