30-40-50+, Summer, Confident. Imagine?

Posted On June 22, 2023

We love helping 30-40-50+ men and women to become stronger.

Primarily, it’s massively helpful for this demographic to be strong, to make life easier.

Let’s be honest, life can be a struggle for pre/menopausal ladies and men whose muscle mass is decreasing.

Have you ever seen someone struggling to get out of a chair? Or avoiding stairs because they wouldn’t make it?

Or sitting down as the kids run around in the park, standing is too tiring? We want to bank some good habits early to delay this.

And there’s the often over-looked mental aspect. With busy careers, health can often be pushed aside for years below spreadsheets and meetings.

Or a parent whose kids have finally grown up and somehow they struggle to find themselves again – with lots of free time.

Remarkable as it sounds, exercise can rebuild a person’s self worth after years of looking after others!

We’re proud to help people love exercise and improve their quality of life – both physical and mental.

**Now Summer’s here. You may have promised to start – but still haven’t. There is still SOME time! Click this link or drop us a message to not lose your place!**

To join our Summer Shape Up program, click this link: 👇


Written by Kevin Hurley

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