50+ On A Secret Mission (Big Reveal)

Posted On April 4, 2024

It’s Easy For You! You Love Exercise And Have A Gym!! (NOT TRUE)


It’s a fact that I train MOST of the time by myself, in my own gym. Pretty easy you’d think, right?


There are times when exercising is the LAST thing I want to do.

It’s easier to eat a sandwich (to get some energy), or do it later, after lunch (when I’m more energised), get a decent sleep and come back tomorrow (procrastination) or to do X first (more procrastination) and so on.

Excuses come easily to all of us – especially regarding exercise!

BUT …. I’ve developed a system, perhaps a mindset, that means exercising is NON-NEGOTIABLE for me. It MUST be done.

In this video, I explain how hard it is — but also — WHY it’s vital I exercise. You see, I’m on a secret mission (secret because I’ve never revealed this before)…….

……. A mission to show people my age that we can be fitter, stronger, and feel better than we did in our 20s. Trust me!

Have a watch how it’s done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tahgguniCm8

I hope this helps or inspires you to get up and get going!

If you’re stuck in a rut or have been using excuses to avoid getting what you need, drop me a PM and I’ll divulge some tactics that I use.

Best wishes,


Written by Kevin Hurley

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