A HUGE Menopause Mistake (But Common!)

Posted On March 7, 2024

Lots Of Effort, Lots Of Time (Wasted).

Are You Making This HUGE Mistake As A Peri- Or Menopausal Woman???

It’s common knowledge — the menopause drops an atomic bomb ūüí£onto a lady’s hormonal system, bringing MASSIVE changes. Life is never the same again. This is, of course, devastating for their health, fitness, energy and confidence..

A big one is weight gain (on average 1.5kg a year, up to 10kg in total). (All brought about by oestrogen and progesterone levels plummeting!!)

Typically, ladies will see their waist circumference expanding, the scale weight spiralling and decide to join Weight Watchers and/or start a cardio-centric fitness regime.

Regarding exercise, they’ll usually revert to either:

(1) The type of exercise that worked for them in their 20s (when it was less of an issue) or….
(2) The type of exercise they THINK is the most effective. 

Next time you’re walking around Ely, notice the ladies walking or running together. I’ll hazard a guess they’re all in this phase of life and wanting to look and feel better. (My¬†‚̧ԳŹgoes out to them).

Here’s why that’s a common but BIG mistake!

I’ll be dropping some more videos about the biggest menopausal mistakes you’re probably making. I hope you find them useful.

Best wishes,


Written by Kevin Hurley

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