Are All Fitness Programs The Same?

Posted On July 1, 2021



Fitness all looks the same right? ⛔

They all have weights, dumbbells, machines, ropes etc. Kinda looks the same, we get that.

However, fitness programs/facilities are NOT all the same. There are huge differences.

A commercial gym gives you access to a room full of equipment, with little guidance. You get a membership card.

You need to be self-motivated and know what you’re doing with exercise for this to work.

A bootcamp will be supervised by a trainer and usually adopts high intensity training with minimal equipment.

Chances are you’ll be part of a group of 20 plus people, all doing the same exercise, many people badly.

Little consideration given to ability, experience or injuries. It’s impossible to properly police.

Large group training is similar. Too many people to give a personal tailored touch – even with a trainer present.




We believe the semi-private/small group PT is the sweet spot. No more than 8 people maximum in the room.

That means it’s genuinely personal.

The average busy person needs accountability and guidance. A done-for-you program.

They need to know that when they turn up they will get proper one-to-one attention.

They need a program that can meet them at their fitness level, whilst tailoring things to work around former/current injuries.

It helps if the program is planned carefully to ensure they gradually progress week on week, working on different aspects of their fitness.

They don’t have to think. Just be their best and put in the effort – results follow.

This is why all fitness programs are NOT the same!

**Disclaimer** If your commercial gym, fitness program, bootcamp works for YOU, then fantastic! We simply think they majority of people we speak with need a little more guidance, support, accountability and help than most offer.

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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