Big John Had Enough Of Being Unfit, Overweight and Unhappy.

Posted On June 10, 2022

🌟🌟 Member Success 🌟🌟

Meet Big John who did his first floor press with a barbell at our Ely facility last night. 👏👏👏

He had never properly exercised EVER — when he first joined us several months ago.

He struggled to do one bodyweight squat, holding on for dear life. Couldn’t do do a proper press up, almost face planting each time. His fitness was low, getting breathless very easily. This was making life very difficult. With absolutely no knowledge of any type of training, he got in touch and asked for help.

Less than two months later, he’s a changed man. He’s become stronger, fitter, more energetic and feeling so much better. His job and life has become easier, he’s got a better quality of life. Not bad for a 68 year old! Now he’s getting ready for his first sunshine holiday abroad. 🙂

His progress and application has really impressed the coaches and beyond in Ely. He has shown a real desire to learn and get better. A real inspiration to everyone in our community.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The Power Of Strength Training!

What’s your knowledge of strength training? Let us know, we’d love to hear.

Written by Kevin Hurley

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