Biggest Benefit Of Exercise?

Posted On May 25, 2023

Strength training is a fantastic tool that helps ‘mental fitness’.

When we struggle with those small things that build up and create stress, we lift!

The list of unanswered of emails, errands to run, things going wrong, family issues. It can be pretty debilitating.

After just 45 mins, we’ve found that problems seem surmountable, a more positive attitude exists.

Perhaps it’s the distraction that does it? Possibly the fact your body feels a bit better, your mind feels a bit better? Maybe both!

It just feels good and is one of the benefits we see (and feel) as a result of strength and conditioning.

How do you relieve stress through exercise? What’s your preferred method? Drop us a message, we’d love to hear. 🙏

Written by Kevin Hurley

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