The Biggest Threat To Weight Loss?? (It Ain’t Food!)

Posted On December 6, 2017

Let’s face it.

About 99.9% of us would want to change some aspect of our body, no-one is perfect right?

And an amazingly high percentage of this amazingly high percentage would seek or have sought to achieve weight loss or fat loss (and failed).

What’s the go-to things we target when we want to get thinner or leaner??????

>>>>> Food and Exercise of course<<<<<

It’s just a simple equation or calories in should be less than calories burned and all that.

(Yep, I get that BUT there’s something that’s always overlooked).


I’ve seen it many, many times over the years. We’re so stressed about life, about weight loss, about how we feel that our bodies are in a state of constant hibernation.

No amount of good eating or pounding the treadmill is gonna shift s****!


“I’ve only lost a pound!”

“Oh no, I’ve put on two pounds”

“Things should be happening faster!!!!”

“I’m gonna cut more calories, that always works.”

“I hate myself in the mirror!!”

>>> And that’s just the nice stuff I could print!

AND it’s on top of Facebook, Twitter, TV, Netflix, Traffic jams, train delays, bills, terrorism, busy jobs, kids need picking up, supermarket shopping, emails …………

You get my drift?


So what happens when we’re stressed?????

In simple terms, the stress hormone cortisol spirals, our body goes into lock down slows metabolism to the speed of a snail wading through treacle, holds onto fat in case it needs it.

Kinda goes against your goals really!


We lack energy, can’t seem to move, feel like the world is a darker place, problems seem magnified, activity is non-existent.

Kinda goes against your goals really!


When we get stressed we look for comfort, usually in food or booze (which we know is a temporary fix, but we can’t stop) which >>>>

Kinda goes against your goals really!

The result is that FOOD is the cause, “I ate too much food, I became fat”.

We never consider that STRESS has been holding us back.

((This is something that I’ve learned after YEARS of holding myself back, in a constant state of stress and anxiety, so I know what I’m talking about!!))

Before I give you an amazingly simple solution to this, there’s something you MUST be aware of:


Commonly, we stick our head in the sand, push down emotions, ignore the truth. You cannot deny stress, you just need to learn to deal with it.

**Caveat: I’m talking excessive stress here, not mild stress which can be a good thing!**

Ok here’s the strategy……


(1) Learn about meditation.


Yes, I know, you’re busy, when would you find the time? That’a the problem. Make time!!!

It’s not easy, trust me, especially in the beginning when your mind is stressed and racing but practice makes it easier.

Start by using the free app Headspace. Just 10 minutes a day 🙂


(2) Move.?


Yes, I know when you’re demotivated the last thing you feel like doing is moving off that couch. Trust me, step across the door, walk briskly for 20 minutes, have a look around the sky, take in nature, breath.

>>> This is stress busting GOLD!!!


(3) Drink a Pint of Water With Each Meal.


Simple stuff. You’ll feel more full, you’ll eat less, you’ll be more energised, your skin will feel better, your body will function better. Why are we not doing this??? 🙂


(4) Take 10 Deep Breaths


Simple again. In your car, before you wake up, in bed before sleep, wherever you can, without someone thinking you’re suffocating!

Controlling your breathing is phenomenal for dealing with stress.

Focus only on your breathing, what type of breaths, deep or shallow, notice how good is feels.


There you have it folks.

Fitness experience over ten years wrapped up in 4 simple steps.

There’s your early Christmas present.

Hope that adds value,


Written by Kevin Hurley

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