Can You Imagine How This Feels?

Posted On April 22, 2022

I’d Urge You To Imagine How This Feels.

There’s something special about Friday morning small group PT ….

There’s an extra energy in the room, everyone’s ready for the weekend, wanting to feel good.

Most of our guys have had 2-3 strength sessions already by Friday (and possibly 1 on our Hybrid fat loss program).

So they’re feeling pretty good!

Feels great to work hard, have a laugh and enjoy some sunshine.

But even better — each week we simply ask out great members to firstly, turn up. Secondly, just do your best on the day (whether you feel good or a bit lacklustre, just do your best). Thirdly, get to the weekend and feel the right to be able to relax, take your foot off the gas and enjoy life outside the gym.

This is REALLY important to us!

We come back stronger on the Monday.

Can you imagine how good that would feel, having that balance? 🙂

If your exercise regime feels uninspiring, a slog, unexciting, let us know by dropping us an email and we’ll give you the best advice we can.

We’d love to help.


Written by Kevin Hurley

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