Can’t Resist Cravings? (Or so it seems?)

Posted On July 21, 2022

Hey everyone, this is something that I’ve used for myself for some time. It’s incredibly simple – yet powerful. It’s helped a lot of our members in Ely over the years. I hope it helps you …..

From experience, it can feel we are often powerless, lack control, can’t help a situation, perhaps even creating the idea in our heads:

“This is what happens. It always has. This is who I am. I just can’t stop it. I need to learn to live with this.”

**Nutrition obviously jumps to mind in this scenario but this can also be applied to motivation for exercise, sleep, mindset, everything.**

However, the reality is we have absolute control over our actions and how we react to our environment.
So imagine this: We write down what we want to achieve, the type of person we wish to be. This is a VERY important step!

Typically (and much too briefly) this would be someone who is fit, healthy, fairly lean, feels good in their clothes, looks good, has a balanced diet and exercises regularly.

Once we have this person (our avatar) clearly identified, we can make decisions on the back of it. Before we take action on ANYTHING, we can think: does this align to the type of person I wish to be?

This is called the CHOICE POINTa moment in time where we have ultimate control and can make the decision to move towards our goals OR away from them.

Example scenario: You have written down that your avatar needs to exercise 3-4 times per week to help you be the person you wish to be.

It’s cold/hot outside, you think, “I’ll just leave it tonight, can’t be bothered”. This is your Trigger – Challenging Situation.
Does sitting on the couch, scrolling social media, move you towards your goal? NO.
Am I prepared to accept the consequences/responsibility for this? YES or NO. And we make our decision.

I’ve been mindful of this often when I’ve been “lazy” or lacked motivation – and it’s helped me give myself a kick to just get up and try to be the person I wish to be.

I appreciate we can’t be perfect all the time (and shouldn’t strive for that!) but being mindful of this with those little challenges that arise day to day would be useful. **Think cakes being passed around the office in Ely in the afternoon. Does this move you towards your goals????**

This will help someone I hope. Please keep the choice point in mind and remember, despite how we might be feeling – we always have control over things.

Do you have any ways you use to overcome cravings? Let us know, we’d love to hear!

Written by Kevin Hurley

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