Community And Fun Gets Results…..

Posted On July 8, 2022

Results Happen When Your Fitness is Fun And With Your Team.


How many times have you – or you know someone – who joins a gym (full of determination this time!) ….. and 2 weeks later everything has fizzled out?

It’s HARD to do things on your own. And even HARDER when you’re wandering around a maze of confusing machines, not knowing what the hell to do. No wonder it only lasts 2 weeks. It’s pretty soulless.

(When I worked in gyms, almost everyone was unsure of what they were doing! And people regularly disappeared!!)

What we learned from that:

People will turn up IF their fitness is enjoyable. If they see they are being successful and making progress.

And ……..

People will commit further AND push themselves harder IF they are being held accountable to a team of others.

So – we’re very big into community with our fitness at Hurley Fitness in Ely. Check out the video of our Summer Games at the gym recently. We had a mini Olympics followed by coffee, cake and chats.

We understand that this helps our great members to attend more, to work harder, to get results more easily.

When you’re in this mindset, with like minded people, nutrition and all that other stuff you FELT was more important, becomes much easier to master.

What’s your feelings about this idea? Drop us a message and let us know. We’d love to hear your experiences. 🙂

Check out the full video here:

Written by Kevin Hurley

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