Consistency Is Your Main Challenge.

Posted On September 15, 2022

Getting ‘Results’ Isn’t What You Think.

Gyms get too hooked up on having the best, shiniest, latest equipment. Or new-fangled apps that track every thing you must need from your phone.

Trainers often spend hours planning the best, most intricate, complicated training programmes to show off their knowledge and skills.

BUT ………

Forget nutrition, equipment, types of exercise. The most important factor is CONSISTENCY. Does your fitness regime or your facility help you to become consistent??

To be consistent, you need to feel welcomed, challenged, have fun, have relationships with people who are just like you and want the same thing. **This is a huge focus for us on our Ely programs**

When you feel this connection, this fulfilment, this improvement — you turn up more often, of course you’re going to feel fitter and stronger, and then you’re likely to make better food choices. Everything else follows.

We’ve all trudged to a fitness class where we know we’re going to shuffle to the back, where we know we’re going to feel pain, where we might not enjoy comparing ourselves to the others there.

I’m guessing we’d probably eek out 3 classes before we start searching for something else that really inspires us.

Focus on consistency first (having fun, feeling good). Reap the benefits. Simple, powerful advice. We’ve learned this through trial and error at our HQ in Ely!

Do you struggle with consistency? Drop us a message and we’ll do out best to help you start enjoying your health and fitness!

Written by Kevin Hurley

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