Enough Of Diets, The Scales and Weight Loss!

Posted On March 22, 2024

This is Kim who has been working with us for just a few months.

Like many people, she had been on the dieting rollercoaster of “being good”, not getting anywhere, giving up, starting again. Imagine the effect that has on a person’s emotions?

Well, she wanted to leave the diet mentality behind and take a new path – STRENGTH TRAINING!

**Most people are reading and hearing about the amazing impact that weight training has on the body and mind, thankfully**

The problem was: she didn’t have any idea where to start. But she knew a “traditional gym” wasn’t the answer.

What was needed was a more welcoming, tailored environment. (Like us). So she jumped on board, not knowing what to expect.

She’s gone from strength to strength (excuse the pun) and loving the whole new world of resistance training.

Here’s her review of her experience:

Very friendly environment with great trainers. Exercise is changed to suit your capability to ensure you do not injure yourself.

You do not feel judged or frowned upon as a newbie and always get assistance from others.

I am already feeling that little bit stronger after 4 weeks plus my knees don’t crack going up and down the stairs anymore.🙂“.

We HATE to see/hear of anyone who continues the dieting path, wandering around a gym confused, running the streets but seeing no difference, beating themselves up because they feel they’re to blame!

If you’re stuck in a rut, drop us a message and we’ll give you a few cracking (enjoyable) tips to get you going again. 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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