EVERYONE Can Do A Pull Up …. with the right coach 🙂

Posted On October 21, 2022

“I can’t do a pull up!!!” >>>> Yes you can!

One of the benefits of our strength programs in Ely is that we’re able to tailor each movement to suit each person.

This means that everybody can do everything – in different but suitable forms.

We regularly hear stories of people being asked to do complex, inappropriate movements (which they can’t complete).

This leaves them feeling shamed, sidelined, unsuccessful, different form everyone else. Not good! It doesn’t really encourage people to make regular exercise an important part of their lives does it?

It also instils a fear of personal trainers as people who have all the answers, people who don’t understand (you), people who shout, who become frustrated by your ‘weakness’, people who will humiliate you if you can’t join in.

This gives us the creeps!!

We want everyone to walk away from every session feeling like they did their best, accomplished, proud.

Then we can gradually move them to a more advanced movement – when the time is right!

In the photo attached, Simon is performing a full pull up, Dhyana is doing an assisted pull up. Different versions but doing the same.

This is Inclusive 👊

Written by Kevin Hurley

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