Fairytale That Includes YOU!!!!! (read this!!!)

Posted On November 9, 2016


Once upon at time there was a 40-something year old man who used to be really fit but hadn’t exercised in years.

He was feeling totally rubbish, lacked energy, ate crap and generally felt like poo.

He knew he needed to fix this problem not only for himself but for his young family but just didn’t have the motivation to do it.

Seemed too HARD to do, even just to start it!

So he contacted Hurley Fitness, desperate to turn things around.

Well Hurley Fitness are experts at helping people who are overwhelmed with life and need to take back control of everything.

So he made the move!

Within two weeks he was feeling more toned, fitter, happier, more driven in his work, more confidence oozed from every pore.

He had loads more energy and was making better food choices which made him even HAPPIER.

AND he was still able to enjoy certain things (stuff he thought he would have to banish) like beer!!

He was glad he finally made the DECISION to snatch back CONTROL within his life.

He was particularly pleased because people told him:

>>>> “Do it after Xmas. You’ll just ruin it all by eating and drinking”.

But …… he knew this had happened for MANY years and he had done NOTHING and this was just another cycle that was doomed to bring him back to the same place…….


He knew that by taking that brave step to start NOW!!!!! He would be many weeks ahead of the game when gloomy January rolled around … again!

Now 2017 is looking brighter and January holds in fear in his heart.

For Hurley Fitness has taught him that ACTION is what creates CHANGE.

And once ACTION has begun, it creates MOMENTUM that carries you along and grows like a big snowball.

Until the snowball grows into a monstrous, huge ball of STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE and LOVE for one’s health and body.

He was happy, loving life, loving increased confidence and bursting with excitement to make even more improvement.

And everyone at Hurley Fitness lived happily every after, AMEN.


OK, here’s the serious stuff.

This is a humorous twist on a conversation I had yesterday.

A chap TOOK ACTION this month, DESPITE everyone asking “WHY???”

“Too close to Christmas” garbage.

He realise that taking action NOW means:

He can enjoy the festive season MORE
Can enjoy the excessive eating and drinking it brings
Will hit the New Year, fitter, stronger and more motivated than ever!!

Not WAITING, pushing the problem AGAIN into the future, where it NEVER gets addressed.

He knew he’d have an excuse in January.

((Chances are you’ll find an excuse too in January NOT to act)

– I don’t feel very fit, what’s the point in starting?
– Too cold
– Too dark
– I’ll wait til the nights are shorter
– Gyms are too busy
– No money left
– And so on (there are millions)

So have a think:


The things that make your life that little bit unhappy?


Here’s the final nugget:

The ONLY thing stopping you NOW getting the things you say you want or dream of, is ….. YOU.

Harsh but true.

Hope this helps. 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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