Fitness Is A Feeling

Posted On August 9, 2023


Why is this figure important?

Well, it clearly shows that fitness is a FEELING.

When life takes over, stress levels are high, WE often fall far down the list of priorities.

Exercise ⛔
Nutrition ⛔
Sleep ⛔
Relaxation ⛔
Mindset ⛔

They all take a hit.

Other peoples’ needs, career, running kids to games, looking after elderly parents, all come first.

On that first chat, people will describe (guaranteed) …….

How much weight they’ve put on
How uncomfortable clothes feel
How poor sleep is
How breathless they feel
How they’re failing to be consistent
How they’re breaking promises to themselves

And it always ends with: “I just want to feel better, like me again”.

We know that FEELING better, FEELING more positive, FEELING like you’re in control, FEELING proud, far exceeds the weight on a scale.

Fitness is physical AND mental: 100% guaranteed!

Written by Kevin Hurley

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