Fitness Should Be A Social Thing For Success

Posted On June 16, 2022

Has Your Fitness Failed Because — You’ve Been ALONE?

Let’s think about the typical gym experience ……

You sign up for 12 months, you’re shown around a room of equipment, given a generic training sheet with a list of exercises, and you’re off!

Trouble is, after a few weeks of rushing there after work, waiting to get on machines, forgetting what to do, not wanting to look silly — enthusiasm wanes and your gym membership card sits there, collecting dust. You hold onto it, because you ‘might’ go back on Monday. (Never happens).

Sound familiar?

I worked in commercial gyms and health clubs for years and witnessed this cycle many, many times. I realised the average person needs guidance, accountability and inspiration — not a membership card and a sauna.

So we do things VERY differently at Hurley Fitness in Ely.

One of THE most important things we focus on is COMMUNITY. (You’re probably asking yourself, how does community help me get fitter and stronger, right?)

Well, half the battle to getting ‘results’ is actually turning up! If you like the people, if you like the coaches, if you enjoy the environment, if you feel you’re making progress, feel like someone actually cares, you’ll always turn up.

And if you see and feel the support of others, you’ll work harder than you would alone, drifting around the gym, looking for an available machine you might know how to use.

This is why we focus on running regular social events: This weekend is the HF Summer Games at our Ely facility.

We have four different coloured teams, competing in four events which involve fitness, skill and fun. Not only does this give people a fun workout but it allows everyone to get to know each other. Meaning they form relationships, enjoy their fitness, turn up, get better ‘results’ (as I said).

Community is HUGE for your health and fitness. It’s not about the equipment, the training programs, the uniforms, the TV screens …. It’s how it makes you FEEL.

Thankfully, we understand this! Community, relationships, care and fun will be more effective than the most intricate, perfect training plan any day of the week.

What’s most important to you in your gym? Is it equipment or the support?  Let us know, we ‘d love to hear! 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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