Food, Fitness. Motivation Ain’t The Problem? ….

Posted On November 4, 2022

Are Your Issues Something Else (Not Fitness?)

I often think our issues are rarely with health and fitness.

A nutrition problem, a fitness problem, a motivation problem…. Is often a LIFE problem.

This can take many forms.

We might be disorganised and feel overwhelmed. Or stressed at work. Or putting everyone’s needs before our own.

Or holding onto some negative emotions.

Your relationships might not be going well.

Then we reach for wine, drugs, comfort food or chocolate to feel some distraction or a period of pleasure – a brief break from what we’re really feeling.

If I feel overwhelmed, I focus on exercise, meditation, breathing and sleep.

Another massive help is: just stopping for a few mins and writing down some important stuff in my book.

– Who I want to be.
– What I want to achieve.
– How I want people to think of me
– The people I want to help
– The life I provide for my family
– The health I want
– What holidays I will enjoy

Once I write everything I can down, about the FUTURE me, I can start behaving like that person TODAY.

It’s been a massive help in dealing with hard times, when my motivation and confidence have been low. Or when I need to refocus my efforts.

Try this! It takes minutes. You’d be surprised at how it changes how you think. We use this technique to help many of our members in Ely and beyond. 🙏

Written by Kevin Hurley

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