Here’s Why We ‘Secret Shop’ Ourselves.

Posted On December 9, 2022

I hope I don’t come across as boastful here: but we’ve got a cracking facility in Ely, filled with great people now.

We’ve tried and tested so many things over the years – to fine tune and tweak things and get it as good as we can be. It’s pretty good!


There’s a downside to this — It can be pretty easy to coast along, keep things the same and become complacent. Then problems can arise when we take the eye off the ball. Without noticing standards can slip!

It’s also very different viewing things as a coach looking in, than it is for a member being coached on the other side, looking out.

That’s why we regularly like to join a session as a member, to see how everything feels from their viewpoint. The Game-keeper Becomes The Poacher if you like!

I joined a session recently and afterwards, we discussed what worked well and what needed some attention. For example, I felt the warm up was very patient and well coached.

But I felt the music was a bit loud so I couldn’t hear some words from the other side of the room. So we decided on what volume the music should always be during our workouts.

Loud enough to hear it but low enough to be coached from across the room when needed. A simple example of how we’re always striving to be better.

At this year’s end, we’ve looked back and how we did things at the beginning of 2022. We’re SO much better now thankfully and we look forward to experimenting, learning and getting better going forward.

We believe it’s dangerous to believe you’re too good and critical thinking is always needed!

Joining our sessions is VITAL — AND you get a cracking workout that makes you feel great. 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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