HIIT Is The Best For Fast Loss? That Depends ……

Posted On June 23, 2022

Let’s Be Real. You’re 50+, Burpees Don’t Suit You. They Harm You

Something we’ve come across a lot….

Ely resident Maureen, 50+, hasn’t exercised in X amount of years, wants to tone up, improve strength, get fit, shed fat.

She starts doing HIIT workouts, that’s the buzzword of the moment. Gets you out of breath and sweaty right?

This usually involves a lot of jumping around, burpees, high knees, on the toes, leaping up and down on boxes.

Trouble is, very often, the skeleton at her age doesn’t like the impact. So the spine, hips and knees let her know.

Perhaps with being deconditioned too, carrying some excess weight, HIIT may not be the best choice.

We’re not saying this applies to everyone. There are always exceptions.

But… We feel that only using HIIT, at 50+ is often exhausting, painful and a slog. People persevere because its “the

We find 50+ people respond better (and enjoy) proper strength and conditioning, occasionally dipping into a calorie deficit, when they need it. We’ve helped hundreds of people in Ely discover the power of this.

Do you agree or disagree? Drop us a comment and let us know your experiences. 🙏

Written by Kevin Hurley

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