Why You Really Want To Lose Weight? (if you’re honest)

Posted On February 11, 2021


Anyone starting a new regime, if asked: “What is your main goal?” – will usually¬†answer …. to lose weight.

But if we think more deeply about it. Are we REALLY that excited about being lighter? Is our raison d’etre to move an arrow on a scale from a number 10 to a number 8? Not very invigorating when laid out in these terms is it?

The truth is always much more interesting – people associate being a certain weight with feeling a certain way. We may disbelieve the theory but humans are ruled by emotions. It’s what drives us in everything we do, every single decision we make, big and small.

So people imagine that being 8 stone, in this example, will mean they’ll be feeling happier in their skin, feeling more attractive, it will rekindle a relationship, they’ll be confident at a party, they’ll love their reflection, they’ll feel proud, people will admire them and so on. All positive stuff.

This could very well be true! But it isn’t really weight that’s making that person happy right? It’s the fact they’ve changed.

They’ve lifted their self-worth by eating better, treating their body with exercise, boosting their energy levels, meaning they have more life experiences. They’ve embarked and been successful at self-improvement. They feel proud of themselves. The weight is only a by-product of everything.

So there’s something powerful in admitting WHY you’re looking to lose weight (you really mean lose fat anyway right?) rather than just seeking a weight loss number.

Focusing on the things you’ll feel by being a healthier, more active individual will pull you through the tough times when you don’t really feel like it! (Warning: This Is Going To Happen. A Lot.)


The flip side of this coin is that people will often want to rid themselves of negative emotions they’re experiencing. Like, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, distrust, nervousness, fear, anger.

Again, weight loss is viewed as a means to banish these elsewhere. But sometimes these deep emotions are so ingrained, bubbling under the surface, that a fitness regime can help in the short term.

It may not take long before they rear their ugly head again and things fall to pieces. What we’re left with is a troubled individual who weighs less! (for the moment).

That’s why we see health and fitness as a holisitic animal. It’s nutrition. It’s exercise. It’s mindset. It’s meditation. It’s self-awareness. It’s sleep. It’s education. It’s failing. It’s being successful. It’s learning. It’s living.

Seeing the wider picture of what health and fitness can really do for you will be a game changer. THINK BIG!

Hope this helps.

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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