Are You Inspired OR Turned Off? (harsh lesson here – beware!!)

Posted On November 17, 2016


POWERFUL new artwork at Hurley Fitness……

Look I’m not into inspirational images and words because the truth is – they actually turn people OFF!

(Who wants to be reminded they AREN’T a 20 year old beauty in a bikini, smiling on a beach??? = DEMOTIVATING)

However ……

This one really brought something home to me. It fits our philosophy about health and exercise and therefore LIFE.

What my experience has found is:

Those that give up when exercise becomes a little hot, or too much effort, it’s raining/dark/cold …. are generally the ones who give up easily in life.

Usually have some poor habits they complain about wanting to fix and waste tonnes of energy starting to fix them – then give up.

Those who grit their teeth, push that little bit EXTRA during a session, those who learn to LOVE finishing exercise knowing they’ve given their LOT …..

Usually are people who apply this principle to their lives in general.

Determination, vision, REAL effort, consistency — to make themselves HAPPIER all round. Mind, body, family, career.

This might depress some who read it. (Only because it’s the harsh truth and we HATE facing the truth!)

Well, here’s some good news…..


It only takes you to firstly TURN UP.

And secondly, >>>>> try that little bit harder each time.

Just ten seconds longer, 1kg heavier, one more length.

(You won’t even notice it!)

I GUARANTEE after several weeks, you’ll be better than you’ve ever been before.

Body will feel on fire, confidence high and life feeling generally pretty good!

That’s what I’ve learned myself ever since I started seriously exercising.

It’s what I do my utmost to show people who come to us for help.

My goal is to inspire people with MY EXPERIENCES.

I’m no angel, I’m not perfect. My diet is not ideal.

But I have BALANCE in my life, I’m HAPPY and I feel STRONG.

Trust me……

Forget scales, forget diets. Forget the past.

If you have those three, you are THERE!!!!!! 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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