Is THIS Your Biggest Nutritional Challenge?

Posted On February 11, 2022

EVERYONE Had THIS Issue (Not Sugar!).

So we tried to help people at our facility this week by simply asking the question: “What’s your biggest nutrition challenge?”

A series of answers came back that didn’t surprise us. We didn’t expect, “What foods should I eat?” or “What’s the best way to measure portions?” or “Is cheese bad?” or “Does diet coke make you fat?”

Instead, it was clear EMOTIONAL EATING was the biggest challenge. Meaning, eating in response to stress, overwhelm, boredom, anger, fear, anxiety etc

Now usually, people try to fix this issue with a meal plan, or doing more exercise to burn calories, or clearing all the cupboards of chocolate, so there’s no temptation.

Problem is, emotions can’t be addressed in this way. Stress and anxiety can’t be solved this way  (they will always rear their ugly head sometime).

So, in fact, the biggest nutritional challenge was coping with negative emotions and developing strategies to deal with them.

But we’ve always known this (from personal experience) — so we kinda knew what type of answers were going to come back.

Our unusual strategy for coping with nutritional issues is : Make a person feel good about themselves first.

A person who feels good, physically and mentally WILL make better food choices. A person who has exercised regularly for at least 30 days, will cope better with negative emotions.

The truth is that everyone largely knows what they should be eating and doing. They just aren’t giving themselves the tools and self love to cope with emotions.

When you’re stuck in a rut, think EMOTION not NUTRITION first!

Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts or experiences. We’d love to hear.


Written by Kevin Hurley

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