It’s Just Winter Games (Or Is It?)

Posted On December 1, 2023

Tomorrow we run our 2023 Winter Games – making fitness fun. 🙂

One of our main events of the year: a brilliant mix of fitness, fun, skill, laughs and ….. tea, coffee and cake afterwards!

(Yes, a gym that doesn’t pretend we eat chicken and broccoli all the time AND encourages people to have normal nutrition!)

Our way or rounding off a great year, thanking our members and making memories on the way.

Believe it or not, events like this are the REAL secret to people having the motivation, longevity, willpower, wherewithal (whatever you wish to call it) to making health and fitness a lifestyle.

Weight loss (what most facilities will push) is a short term project. If you’re constantly ‘on a diet’ you may need to approach things differently. (Life’s too short).

So – running games, building a community of like-minded people is a powerful tool in making fitness a lifestyle (and changing the mindset around exercise).

Imagine this, you turn up to your event, open the door, you’re greeted by your coach and join everyone chatting, catching up having a laugh, getting ready, all wearing a branded T shirt for the day.

You’re part of a team, buzzing from the competition, laughing at mistakes made, doing your best – you’re elated by the end!! Afterwards, feeling great, you chat, form relationships over hot drinks and cake.

NEXT TIME you turn up to a session – you see your old friends from the event. You WANT to be there. You  chat about the games, relive the moment, there’s an energy in the room, carried over from the day.

THAT’S the powerful secret to real success. (Events)

So, we’re lots more than a gym. We’re a community of people who want to be their best, help others to do the same and inspire each other to keep going! 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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