Juliana Testimonial

Posted On August 3, 2023

Juliana loves exercise and the amazing feeling and impact it has on her life.

Unfortunately, she began to neglect her health as life, work and family life took over. She was holding down a full time career AND looking after her young son (and husband!). 🙂

So any thoughts of having the time to look after herself were parked squarely to the back of her mind.

But it eventually became too much – she had to get back to the person she really is! She need that feeling of being in control, feeling fit, toned, strong and confident again.

She looked around but couldn’t find anything that was able to give her what she needed — quality coaching, a brilliant community and results!

On a recommendation of a friend, she joined our strength program two months and has been a delight to coach. She’s a dream. ❤️

It’s the usual story – she’s feeling SO much better, physically and mentally for taking control of her health. 💪😁💪

Written by Kevin Hurley

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