Like Stabbing Yourself With A Needle – Hoping It Feels Good

Posted On October 24, 2018

People work in the fitness business because they love to help other people.

Sounds corny but it’s true.

We like to help people feel better, enjoy life, feel happier – it gives US a sense a well-being (so kinda selfish really!)

And it pains us to see people who have an opportunity to turn their lives around – and don’t take it!

We meet LOTS of people each week.

And we’ve just had to come to terms with a fact of life that’s pretty hard to swallow:

Some people just aren’t ready to help themselves.

((They MIGHT be one day but – some are not ready RIGHT NOW))

Most people we meet have done the old vicious cycle of Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Juice Plus etc etc.

**You know, the one that works for two weeks, then doesn’t, but you keep going back, because it worked (for two weeks because it might this time …….**

I think of it like sticking a needle into the back of your hand….. repeatedly.

You know it’s not going to do you any good but you do it anyway – in the knowledge it’s gonna be PRETTY PAINFUL!!!

<Bit extreme I know but I think these money-making, sure-to-fail schemes, cause extreme grief!! So there!>

That’s what we see a lot.

And it got me thinking WHY???

Why are people prepared to continue a pretty miserable existence instead of fixing things?

Well, FEAR is the big one.

Fear that comes with BIG change. Our brains don’t like change at all. It’s in our DNA – we are programmed to want everything to be nice and familiar. It keeps us alive.


If that existence is painful and hurtful – as soon as we think “Change” – our brain kicks into gear:

“You’re ok, you just need to start on Monday, start afresh, you can DEFINITELY do it this time!!”

“Why don’t you try on your own, you just didn’t try hard enough last time!!”

“You know what? You just need to be more determined, draw a line in the sand!!”

“This sounds pretty tough, would you not prefer to do it your way, more slowly and manageable??”

etc etc

((Insert your own voice in your head here))

That’s survival mode – and it’ll keep you exactly where you are – stuck in a rut.

Second big one is DOUBT.

You KNOW you’ve failed miserably before. Your friends know you’ve failed before. Family knows you’ve tried numerous times. They’re all watching. That’s PRESSURE right?

…….. And you doubt whether you CAN actually achieve what you want (even though you’re surrounded by evidence of others who HAVE).

Doubt will pull you back from the edge of that cliff – with your parachute on – just as you’re about to jump!

The Result?

Back on the ole familiar cycle.

Stabbing yourself in the hand with a needle HOPING that it’s actually gonna do some good.

Now I always like to leave everyone with value, rather than beating people up with truth bombs and stuff you already know.

So ……

If you wanna refocus, and just feel better. This stuff below is non-negotiable:

You need to drink water. If you can drink 7 coffees, you can drink water. Stop saying it’s hard.

Eat a quality protein source (meat or vegetable) with your meals. Prepare the night before, it’s easier. It’s only hard when you get to work and realise the canteen doesn’t care about your results.

Move. Doesn’t matter what you do just move. You’ll have more energy/motivation. Walk, it’s the simplest.

Sleep 8 hours. No s*** you can’t sleep 8 hours because you go to bed at 1am after looking at Facebook in bed for 2 hours.

All stuff you know right?

That’s what gives ME the needle!!!









Written by Kevin Hurley

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