Living With Daily Pain Can Often Be Helped

Posted On November 18, 2022

You Don’t Have To Live With Pain, We Believe.

Gyms are for weight loss innit? 🤔

Well, so many people come to us in Ely because they are in physical pain, day in, day out.

Sitting at a desk all day, with poor posture, sometimes not moving for 8 hours, rarely leaving the house.

Knees, backs, shoulders all complain. Getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge.

And like a car that seizes up in a garage, when you finally try to drive it, bits fall off and it makes strange noises.

Our body is no different!

Strength training helps everyday life become easier. The small things like getting off the floor, putting on socks, gardening, lifting kids……

The things we don’t value until they’re not there!

This is one of many reasons why we always help people to become stronger. 🙏

Written by Kevin Hurley

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