Meet The Team – Owner Kevin.

Posted On March 25, 2021


I’m Kevin, creator of Hurley Fitness. I have huge faith in the belief that being healthy is THE most important thing in life. But I didn’t always work in the fitness industry.

After university, I was stuck and unfulfilled in various white collar, professional jobs — starting with journalism, recruitment and sales.

I was never totally happy, sure it had its moments. But I had a greater direction I needed. Although I had no idea what it was!

I was 37 when I realised life was too short — and I wanted to do something firstly that I enjoyed. And secondly, something that genuinely helped people. After some LONG consideration and a great deal of fear, I made the leap — retained as a PT.


I started off in a large commerical gyms in Glasgow and London before out-growing the roles. On moving to Ely, I started to build a 1-2-1 personal training business.

I started operating from a priest’s back room (yes, you read that correctly) before moving 2 years later to a small premises on Forehill.

However, I realised Hurley Fitness has more potential and made plans to change the model predominately to semi-private PT – to help more people and create a better, more impactful business.

8 years later – post global pandemic – we are still here, fighting, surviving, helping poeople the best we can, and trying to always improve what we do.

My aim is to become THE go-to facility if you wish to learn about strength and conditioning. To build the most knowledgable, professional, personable team of trainers around.

To create a facility that makes a genuine difference to peoples’ lives. To help people move better, feel better and feel confident.

A business that helps make health and fitness a fun, effortless, sustainable and important part of peoples’ lifestyles.

To join our next enrolment, just click this link:

Written by Kevin Hurley

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