More Information Is Deadly

Posted On February 2, 2023

Information: Paralysis By Analysis.

We’re SWAMPED with information. At our fingertips 24-7.

With fitness, it’s “this program burns fat best” or “this diet plan gets the best results”. Over and Over. #confusing! 🤔

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google. Going round in circles.

The average person doesn’t need further information. In fact, the basics are always EASIER than the research.

– Hydrate 👌
– eat fairly well (70/30) 👌
– Sleep 👌
– move every day 👌

Cover these basics consistently for weeks, be patient, and things will happen.

– Improved body composition ✅
– Boosted energy ✅
– Positive outlook
– Fitter, healthier ✅

Less information. More action.


p.s We’re about to launch a free 4 Week Accelerator for our members in Ely. We do this 2-3 times a year. We get them to do these simple steps, supporting each other in teams. They lose 1-2lbs each week doing SIMPLE stuff. But more importantly, perhaps. they feel great! 🙂

Written by Kevin Hurley

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