Must You Be PERFECT To Be Slim And Healthy? (Common Mistake)

Posted On August 16, 2016



you could say I’m making an assumption here.

But it’s really what I’ve seen numerous times in Ely and beyond.

“I can’t be really slim and fit like other people because I couldn’t be that strict”.


“I tried to be really strict but I couldn’t maintain it.”

Yep, heard these hundreds of times.

But what I preach – and live by myself – is you don’t have to be as extreme as you think.

Do you think weight loss, health, being fit, means lettuce leaves and broccoli?

Big hunks of meat dripping in juices with a protein shake for breakfast?

Hours spent slogging on a treadmill, watching your face get redder and redder? (and that’s it?)



As I said, I live by my own code.


Because it’s manageable first and foremost.

And because it gets me the results I want.

It has become my lifestyle, it’s that easy.

((Yes, I said the word EASY)).

So what is this secret recipe???

Get strong.

Lift weights to make you as strong as you can and make them the centre of your exercise program.

Eat whole foods the MAJORITY of the time.

Meaning non processed foods, not ones laden with E Numbers and chocolate on top.

Drink Water.

Simple as that. Water. Not flavoured, just natural tap or bottled water if you’re fancy!


Get around 8 hours quality shut-eye.

**REVELATION: I eat chocolate every single day and it isn’t a problem. Evidence you can eat what you enjoy if you keep things simple**



Here’s the benefit of my experience again.

The above formula CANNOT be any simpler.


Because it requires ?-?CONSISTENCY.

That means practised for months on end until it becomes ?a HABIT.

And because this change is difficult at first – we’ll often fill our heads with lies and excuses.

Like …….

“But I enjoy my food”. – translation: “I have developed a habit of eating that I believe will be hard to break”.

“I don’t enjoy exercise” – translation: “I’ve never taken enjoyment from my body and what it’s capable of”.

“My life is too hectic” – translation: “I don’t place enough value on change”.

And so on…….



So I’m not a fitness Nazi by any means.

I get it – if you’re not used to eating well or moving your body three times a week, it’s gonna be hard.

But it’s HARDER to stay like that for years and be miserable than it is to take my simple advice.

Don’t you think?

My greatest strength in my line of work I believe is ……..

I show people you can be normal AND be healthy.

You can eat treats AND be fit.

You can lead a NORMAL life and get results.

But you’ve got to do the EASY stuff first!

FINAL NOTE: leave the HARD stuff behind. Master the EASY stuff.

Hope this helps.



Written by Kevin Hurley

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