Nutrition Knowledge Is Rarely The Problem

Posted On May 25, 2022

Nutrition Ain’t About Nutrition. It’s About YOU.

“What do I need to eat?”

Probably the most commonly asked question (to us) when someone decides they’re going to get themselves sorted, start afresh, do things right this time.

Thing is, everyone knows exactly what to eat. They know what is “good” and what needs to be respected. Knowledge is rarely the issue when it comes to nutrition.

When asked about nutrition, we rarely discuss the benefits of protein, water, fats, carbs. Most people already have a fair idea.

We ask about THEM. We ask about what’s going on in their life. We ask about how they’re feeling. How are they coping with their day to day. Strange huh?

You see, nutrition is all about your emotions: how you cope with stress, how you are sleeping. Are you content? Are you looking after yourself? Are you prepared in the morning for the day ahead? Do you feel good?

Let me give you a powerful example:

The person who commented above (a member in Ely for almost 2 years)  booked a “nutrition call” with me. She had lost her way after making great progress. She had put on weight, her skin was bad, she was feeling low, she had little energy. She needed help with ‘nutrition’.

After asking about her life, we discovered she was really stressed, under pressure with work, the family home was under going construction (adding to her stress), she wasn’t preparing food, stuck to a computer 8 hours solid, looking after kids and doing errands.

And was only eating handfuls of chocolate mini eggs to keep her energy up (and to distract her from all the pressure going on around her!)

It was NOT a nutrition issue. It was a LIFESTYLE issue. So we identified this and came up with a few strategies to make herself feel better, first and foremost.

Like: try to get to bed 30 mins earlier, batch cook decent meals that can be heated up, get off the computer for several minutes here and there each day, focus on stress management, go for a walk round Ely when she could.

A couple of weeks later, she wrote the above in one of our whatsapp support groups (we do this 3 x times per year for 6 weeks to get our members back on track). She’s FLYING!

Back running again, eating better, more energy, feeling better!

We know that the mindset around nutrition is to focus on the food. BUT …. focusing on YOU is a much better way to help. And it fits how was view health and fitness. Sure it’s physical — but the mental aspect is much more important.

What’s your thoughts on this? Drop us a message, we’d love to know. 🙂

The HF Coaching Team in Ely.

Written by Kevin Hurley

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