Overwhelmed – Ditch The Phone

Posted On March 2, 2023

We finish our 4 Week Exercise and Nutrition Accelerator in Ely this week.

It’s been our members’ opportunity to improve their food, activity, sleep, stress, habits – for a short space of time (without any fad stuff).

Essentially, a chance to go over some basic stuff we already know and practice and renew them.

Each week, we layered one simple habit on top of the previous one. So 4 weeks = 4 great habits.

The most interesting for us was Week 3: LIMITING SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE EVENING – to give our brain a break and help with better sleep. (Of course we tried this ourselves).

**We were stunned (but not totally) at how this – above all exercise and nutrition habits – seemed to worry people the most. (Sign of an addiction perhaps??)

Those that did it, really felt the benefit. And our coaches too!

It was refreshing, relaxing, it helped us realise that the world doesn’t collapse because we didn’t immediately respond to a text.

Going deeper, we realised that when we feel stressed and overwhelmed, we were reaching for the phone/social media. That old dopamine hit to make us feel good and distract us from what we were really feeling.

This is something we’ll personally implement going forward.

In a nutshell: when you’re feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed, prioritise sleep, exercise, better food and limit social media.

It seems difficult – but it’s much easier than your head says! 🙂

**A Habit is simply an action repeated consistently**

Written by Kevin Hurley

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