Personal Trainer Rusted Solid. BUT ….. I Beat It!


Posted On December 5, 2016

Personal Trainer Stuck In A Rut But SURVIVED!


May I tell you a little story about me that MIGHT just resonate with you?

It may just show that we ALL go through the same stuff.

And by the end, I?ll tell you how I solved my problem.


A couple of years ago, we had a MASSIVE thing to go through with our family. I mean, life and death stuff.

When I say everything got put on hold, I mean it!

Thankfully, it all turned out well in the end BUT I knew I had to get back into my routine again and get life back to normality.

That meant going back to growing a fitness business, being a personal trainer and helping people in Ely.

I don?t know why BUT ?? I couldn?t get out of the starter blocks.

Thinking back, I described myself as feeling like a massive, heavy, chunk of rusty iron that was fixed SOLID to the floor.

No matter how hard I tried to PUSH ? I just wouldn?t BUDGE.

I was pretty useless. (Bet you never thought you would hear a personal trainer say that!)

This piece of iron had a smouldering core inside though. It was burning fiercely and I felt it DEEP INSIDE.

That was my POTENTIAL. I knew I had a special gift for helping and connecting with people. I knew I could create something really big.

But no matter how many times I took the simplest, smallest, easiest step, I just froze.

>>> I couldn?t even think of writing a Facebook post ? that?s how bad it was. I was panicking!

For days, then weeks, I tried and tried to get momentum ?? but nothing worked.

This went on for some time until one day, something very deep inside me SWITCHED ON.

To this day, I have no idea what it was!

But it was a voice, a feeling, an emotion that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I felt I was ready to risk EVERYTHING in my life, reputation, money, my business ?? to open what was smouldering deep inside me.

And that?s what I did!!!!!!

How did I do it???

Firstly ?? I invested HEAVILY in myself.

That meant paying someone many thousands of pounds to help guide me to success. This was someone who has been in the same position I was in ?? and come out the other side.

(Tip: When you invest heavily, that is, with an amount of money that SCARES you, it AMAZING how much more focused and motivated you are!!)

Secondly, I just got MOVING. Working, doing SOMETHING, to get that rusty iron boulder over a hill and rolling fast again.

It?s no coincidence that two years later, I?m in the best position I?ve ever been in, in my entire life.

I?m talking business, body, mental state, relationships, family, the lot.

So how does this relate to you??????

Well, after working with hundreds of people, I gotta see a pattern develop.

Whether the goal is weight loss or fitness, it doesn?t matter. It?s all just the same.

You MUST invest in yourself.

If you do things on the cheap, you get those results I?m afraid.

(One of the most important lessons I?ve learned in recent times).

Or you run the risk of going through the same cycles that have FAILED consistently over the years and left you feeling worthless.

Helped you yo-yo your weight until you can?t take it anymore.

So much so that you might even feel like a big, lunk of rusty iron that can?t move.

Glued to the spot, either by FEAR that you will fail again and have everyone judge you.


DOUBT ? that you can actually manage any success after so many failures. That you have it in you to get success and achieve what you really want.

I get it.

Same place I was in.

Well, the point of this is really this in a nutshell.


If you?re waiting for the right moment, the right person, the right program, the right diet, the right family time, the right ANYTHING ??.


(You may not even know it, but you are!)

Been there, done that.

I?ll say this: I am evidence that INVESTING properly and TAKING ACTION is the only thing that will work.

And it will take you to places you never dreamed you could go.

It?s all there. Please don?t stay rooted like a big piece of iron.

You deserve better!

I hope this spurs you to get moving!!! J

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Written by Kevin Hurley

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